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WE Deliver OC restaurants need our help. Several restaurants have decided to stay open despite the big loss in revenue, and to avoid putting their employees out of work. We Deliver OC is a collaborative effort to help local restaurants stay open by providing them visibility and exposure in the community, so they can generate sales.

We need your help

Here’s how your support donation will be used:

1. Local Advertising: We currently are paying out of pocket to advertise locally, so the community knows about We Deliver OC. We want to continue to provide visibility and exposure to local restaurants, so they can keep the lights on. Advertising helps us reach more people faster.

2. Social Media Marketing: We’ve hired a social media manager to help post about local restaurants. She will communicate with restaurants to provide special offers, discounts, and giveaways. Your support helps us serve the community better.

If you’re an organization or business, we will also ensure we provide you a ‘community spotlight’.

As a supporter, we hope we can all be a lifeline for local businesses.


1. You can click the ‘donate now’ button to quickly give.

2. If you would like to speak with us (perhaps you have a service to offer), then fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you right away!

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