Build your list effortlessly and automatically.

Operate a SIMPLE Guest Frequency Kiosk Loyalty Programs

Introducing the Loyalty Check-in Kiosk from Thrive Local OC . . . a ‘mobile first’ marketing platform that runs off any tablet, engages customers and is EASY for staff to operate. In fact, it’s so easy all your employees need to do is keep the tablet plugged in during operating hours. We’ll design and configure a kiosk that builds a customer list and sends offers to customers automatically or on demand. We can also track customer visits (check-ins) and reward customers for their loyalty.

  • Join your mobile loyalty club
  • Collect ACCURATE data with email and mobile verification
  • Like your business on Facebook or follow on Instagram
  • Issue/redeem mobile promotion based on check-in frequency
  • Automated birthday & anniversary club appreciation marketing


Operate a SIMPLE Guest Frequency or Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty VIP, Birthday and Anniversary solution combines signup with loyalty in one smooth operation that is easy for customers. The check-in feature allows you to create a guest frequency or loyalty program based on visitation. For example, send your customers a 10% Off coupon via SMS & email after their 1st visit, a complimentary item after 5 visits and perhaps a higher priced comp item after 10 visits. Maybe you would rather define a VIP purely based on their spend? We can accommodate that as well spend! The number of reward tiers is unlimited. The offers & Branding are 100% customized for your business. No pesky App download, No money transaction or monthly auditing game, and all the data belongs to you!

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 Birthday Club Rewards Program

  • Simple signups (and mobile opt ins)!
  • Website landing page integration
  • Automates Birthday / Anniversary Emails & Text (SMS)
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Starter outbound mobile texting package
  • (Optional) Integrates with our WiFi Marketing  Solution

Simply Show & Save at Table, Checkout or Bar

Redemption is easy and loaded with fraud controls. It works when the customer brings up the promotion on their phone and shows it to server. Your server taps a REDEEM button from the customers phone or gives them the code for customer to enter. Tap to confirm and the offer is marked REDEEMED on screen and changes color to help server to understand when a promotion/offer has been redeemed. Our system prevents the same customer from redeeming the same offer repeatedly, but this color system helps define the status of the promotion/offer. Digital redemption authentication statistics are available on demand via emailed or SMS as an optional feature for auditing purposes.


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