Retail Venue Marketing Bundles

Attract New Customers


Repeat Sales Utilizing WiFi Marketing.


Discover the advantages of a Restaurant or Retail Marketing  Bundle. We Deliver OC has created an all in one small business digital marketing solution. These bundles are cost effective and set it and for get it or completely managed. We bundle WiFi Marketing ,VIP, Birthday and Anniversary Bundles.

Is your restaurant or retail venue ready to get serious about marketing?

Are you ready to…

  • Build your customer list
  • Increase customer visits
  • Grow word of mouth both socially and offline
  • Send mobile offers and promotions
  • Regularly engage your customers
  • Directly target your best NEW customers
  • Offer rewards that work for your business
  • Do birthday and anniversary marketing to drive visits
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Capture key marketing details including name, mobile, email and birthday with validation accuracy.


Turn on automated email campaigns to deliver to your guest at desired times, days and/or visits intervals.


Increase repeat business with our VIP birthday & anniversary campaigns that offer automated messaging on birthdays and anniversary utilizing  the power of both email and SMS marketing. Our system offers secure birthday & anniversary promotion that offer an audited process to define ROI on all campaigns.



Guest WiFi Featured:

Marketing Messages

Connect to your guests with automated email marketing messages, offers and surveys.


Customize everything from splash page, data allowance, WiFi time allowance, SSID, and more.

Grow Marketing List

Grow your marketing list with Facebook data, Email addresses and mobile numbers.

Grow Social Media

Redirect your customers to social media pages, websites, or other promotional content.


Enhanced List Building Tools

Wilocal WiFi Marketing platform works hand & glove with our VIP marketing platform and all can be SET IT AND FORGET IT! The robust loyalty marketing platform offers the ability to be managed in-house or place on AUTO-DRIVE. Our platform gives you access to OPTIONAL list building tools designed to EFFORTLESSLY ride along with your WiFi strategy.


  • Our VIP solution provides you with a customized mobile text keyword & a local phone number that you can advertise inside your venue to encourage signups independent from WiFi. This strategy is ideal for table tents, posters, coasters, menus, POP displays, print ads, etc.
  • Set up a signup or Loyalty Check-In Kiosk (tablet) to build your list quickly, accurately, and EFFORTLESSLY. You can even track visits and issue mobile deals based on frequency.
  • We offer our clients a white glove service to perform this if needed, which captures data from your website and synchronize VIP  loyalty database.

Marketing Bundles

Wilocal Marketing Managed Bundles offer powerful marketing automation solutions at a fraction at the cost of traditional marketing. Our Marketing Bundles deliver key analytics and auditing that justify your hard earned dollars!  You have a couple of choices with our systems:

1) Set it and forget it. (DIY) Do It Yourself!

2) Manage custom email & SMS campaigns in-house or with an existing contracted marketer. (Hybrid)

3) Allow Wilocal to manage custom SMS & Email blast monthly for you. (DFY) Done For You!

We are here for you. Ready to server you needs!


  • Our Digital Coupons will enable you to create engaging, beautiful offers in seconds. Circulate these offers through email, SMS text Lead Generation, or social platforms.
  • Everyone’s birthday is an opportunity to makes extra money from parties and reservations. Create your own branded VIP, Birthday & Anniversary Club.  Our platform uses the power of automation to message your VIP members on their Birthday & Anniversary special offers and reminders if offers haven’t been used!
  • Schedule or send blast on Holiday’s (Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Day, etc.) to guest on auto-pilot. That’s at least one campaign per month to help drive business.
  • Send engaging Thank You emails hours/days after a visit with a survey request that offers managing options to your guest as part of our Managed WiFi marketing solution.

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